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Clear Form MiamiDade County Public Schools Deliberate Practice Growth Target Form (FM 7575) Professionals Name: Employee Number: School/Worksite: School/Worksite Location #: School Year: n Directions:
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learning it's most definitely a skill because it's a skill it's something that we can get better at but in order to do that we need to understand this science and we need to take action we made this video to help us do both of those things after digging into the research of how to become a better learner for almost a decade I think really the best way to explain it is to start where everybody starts by talking about Tigers okay so we have two tigers one lives in a zoo and one lives in the jungle obviously these are two very different environments the zoo super easy we have everything we need 247 food water shelter every day is the same and we're definitely not going to struggle very much because we don't experience the things that lead to struggle like problems challenges obstacles change those don't happen in the zoo in the jungle it's a different story first of all it's way more difficult there because we're on our own we have to hunt and find water and protect ourselves every day is different and every single day we face new problems challenges obstacles change which means we struggle on a daily basis so we have two very different environments my question to you is which Tiger learns more well of course the jungle Tiger did there's a huge gap between these two Tigers but that gap isn't because of their tools like both tigers were Tigers they had the same tools who are you I am you I mean no sir you are you the difference between these two Tigers was really the approach to learning that environment that involves some difficulty and struggle allowed the jungle Tiger to do something that the zoo tiger could not now you're probably picking up on this that this is not actually a story about Tigers at all this is a story about us this is a story about you and me and how people grow no matter who we are no matter how old we are and really no matter what we're trying to learn the best learning happens when we operate at the edge of our abilities and a little out of our comfort zone you could say that's sort of a truth to growth whether we're trying to grow a muscle or a skill the best growth happens when we expand out of our comfort zone I think in theory this makes a ton of sense especially when you compare the two Tigers but let's take a minute to dig into well why does this happen if you search for comfort zones online it gets a little noisy I've been out of my comfort zone for 12 years obviously you don't know how this is done and today only and I'm offering to show you how to get out of your comfort zone and be amazing like me I've been out of my comfort zone so long I don't even remember what it is you're probably in yours right now cuz you're weak or lazy enough of that let's look at what the science actually says we found some interesting studies about rabbits monkeys and cab drivers this first study is straightforward but it's important they...